WordPress 2.5 Upgrade Plans

WordPress recently issued a major upgrade. We ask that you do nothing at this time (despite what the control panel may be telling you!), we will upgrade all PressHarbor sites simultaneously when our compatibility testing is complete and we are confident that any major bugs with the newest WordPress have been squashed. We do not have any estimate at this time as to when we will make the upgrade but will keep you informed.


  1. Anonymous

    I appreciate your wanting to make absolutely sure there are no bugs with 2.5. We read that Technorati announced earlier this week they will stop indexing WordPress sites which are still on earlier versions, citing security issues even where 2.3.3 is installed. http://technorati.com/weblog/2008/04/424.html
    Any comment? Any indication of when you would be ready to install the upgrade?

  2. PressHarbor Support

    First, you’re misreading that post. A lot of people are; clearly the language used is not particularly accurate. Fact: 2.3.3 is not vulnerable to the “problem affecting thousands of WordPress blogs.” Note the language: “the security issue addressed by the 2.3.3 release.” See? 2.3.3 addressed the security issue. Your PressHarbor blog is on 2.3.3 and is not affected by the security issue because it has already been addressed in the version you are using. It is not affected, not compromised, and you should not be concerned by Technorati crying fire in the WordPress theatre.
    We will provide you with information regarding our 2.5.x (you really didn’t think we would update you to a point zero, did you?) update plans as soon as they become available.

  3. Anonymous

    Thanks for the reply, clarification and assurances. I will pass the message on.
    Des Walsh (don’t know why I appeared as anon – presumably there is a profile page somewhere I have not completed)

  4. Anonymous

    Embarrassed to admit, but for the potential alert to others, in a moment of distraction/weakness/dumbness, while working on a site not hosted on PressHarbor, I clicked the upgrade to 2.5 link and as a result lost most of that day’s productivity and half of the next, endeavouring to fix the resultant lockout/mess/re-install/etc.
    Further, have just picked up from Twitter an alert that there is a vulnerability in WP 2.5.0 which has apparently been patched by the new release WP 2.5.1 – http://www.hypocrisy.nu/2008/04/26/critical-wordpress-vulnerability-update-now/

  5. PressHarbor Support

    Thanks for your feedback, Des. Seems like 2.5.1 is more of an emergency patch than an actual bug fix release… I think we’re going to err on the side of caution here, and continue to monitor things…
    As for the name thing, I think that’s an error with our template customization; I’ll need to look into that.
    And note to self: lookup meaning of “contretemps.”

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