PressHarbor provides you a powerful suite of tools and services to help you manage your growing WordPress-based business.

As the original WordPress Managed Hosting Provider since 2007, our experience in WordPress platform management for some of the largest publishers in the world allows us to deliver you a fast, scalable, and secure service with the performance of a Dedicated or VPS server but without the overhead – or cost! – of managing your own server.

Some of our top features are listed here. Please contact us if you have any questions about our features or capabilities.

Scalable CPU Performance

Launch your site with a single CPU Core and as your traffic expands, scale up to serving your site with as many as 8 CPU Cores!

Litespeed Web Server

PressHarbor sites are powered by Litespeed Web Server for the fastest server performance. LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress plugin is installed and configured for speed and scalability.

The Ultimate WordPress Toolkit

WordPress Toolkit with 1-click security and unparalleled features like staging, syncing, cloning and migrating.

Theme and Plugin Management

Quickly find and install a plugin or theme on a WordPress instance or several instances at once. Activate and deactivate plugins on a single or multiple WordPress instances. Bulk remove plugins and themes that are not needed.

Beta! WordPress Remote Management

Manage multiple PressHarbor WordPress instances from a single WordPress Toolkit Management Area.

1-Click WordPress Hardening

Easily scan your WordPress sites to identify and protect your core installations, no manual work needed. Simply check the items you wish to harden, click “Secure”, and you’re done.

WordPress staging made easy

Never make changes to a live site again. Clone your WordPress site and create a staging environment to experiment on new plugins, tweak your themes, or create custom code without risking the production site.

Command Line Interface

Easy access WordPress Command line interface for all your WordPress instances. Import a database, create a new user, update themes and plugins in a flash using WP-CLI.


PHP 7 is of course standard for your site, but PressHarbor gives you the ability to choose from multiple versions of PHP to power your site. We offer PHP 7.3, 7.2, 7.1, 7.0 and 5.6.

Git Integration

Easy deployment of your websites by either pushing it to a local or by pulling from a remote Git repo.

Backup Manangement

Create scheduled full and incremental backups and roll back changes to your website or database quickly and easily.

Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup to AWS S3, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox.

Task scheduler

Schedule tasks to run and notifications to trigger on an intuitive interface.

Database Management

Integrated Database Management tools make it easy to scan, repair, report, fix, clone, or backup your databases.

Webmail and Email Support

Integrated email and webmail, support for DKIM, SPF, SRS, DMARC for validation of mail messages identity. (Email support is an optional add-on service).


Free SSL Certificates with our integrated Let’s Encrypt engine for easy provisioning and automated certificate renewals.