About PressHarbor

In 2000, we created RackShare and have been providing enterprise-class web hosting and domain name registration services to satisfied customers ever since. Our rock solid UNIX/NT hybrid hosting platform delivers unprecedented levels of scalability and reliability, and our domain registration services are used worldwide.

In 2003, we developed a new kind of hosting service, focused on making it easier to publish content on the web using blogs and blogging technologies. BlogHarbor helped bring blogging to thousands, and our customers would be glad to tell you that our great service and support set us apart from any other hosting service.

Enter PressHarbor.

Born out of a vision to help bring web publishing to an even greater audience, in 2007 we introduced our evolutionary new web hosting platform designed to make it easier than ever to get started on the world-class WordPress publishing tool.

Our installation service makes it a breeze to start your own WordPress blog and your own domain name – from signup to posting your first blog posting in less than 10 minutes – and our automated updater keeps your WordPress software current and secure with no effort on your part.

Our service is great for power users too – you have complete freedom to add any WordPress Theme or Plugin so you can customize your blog however you’d like. Perfect for any business or organization looking to get a powerful – and completely custom – website.

Fast and Reliable

Our servers are all located in world-class, private data center facilities with extensive security features, fault-tolerant power redundancy, multiple industrial-grade generators, and an APC-powered battery infrastructure. These facilities are built to stay online no matter what…

The servers are connected to the Internet via multiple, redundant fiber connections from multiple Tier 1 providers such as Deutsche Telekom, PCCW, Savvis, and XO Communications; your sites are connected to the Internet at speeds you never thought possible at this price level.

All PressHarbor sites feature a high-performance web server software called Litespeed which helps your content to be delivered even faster than other providers using standard web server software.

What our peeps are saying about us

Renowned blogger Joey deVilla hosts his sites at PressHarbor. Joey thinks PressHarbor Rocks! Here’s what he had to say about our service:

Just a quick note to let you know that I moved my tech blog, Global Nerdy, over to PressHarbor last night. Between the growth of the blog and Dreamhost’s flakiness, it was time to move. Luckily, my experiences with PressHarbor have been nothing but good, and in spite of a few Diggs, Stumbles, Boingings, Reddits, Hacker Newses and Instalanches, “Accordion Guy” on PressHarbor has been as unkillable as Freddy Kruger or Jason Voorhees! Global Nerdy hasn’t been on PressHarbor a full day yet, but the difference in responsiveness (and no HTTP 500s!), both as a reader and an admin, is astounding.
My kudos to you and everyone at Pressharbor for the solid work.

Startup Advisor Zoli Erdos hosts Enterprise Irregulars with us and recently posted this endorsement of our service:

It’s not the first time and likely not the last I received support way beyond what can be expected of a regular web hosting company. Help with security, performance, database tuning should be standard (is it?) but detailed plugin-level help? No way. How about WordPress upgrades? I don’t even know what they are. In fact I got upgraded to WP 3.0 while writing this post. Not amongst the first .. only after thorough testing did Pressharbor upgrade all of us, centrally. I’m lucky enough to have the best of both world – the power of Open Source and great, personalized support.

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