I’ve been using PressHarbor’s WordPress hosting service for 10+ years. The uptime has been incredible. Whenever I had any issues (which were usually self-inflicted WordPress problems), John and the team jumped in to help quickly solve them and get me up and running again. I HIGHLY recommend these folks if you need uptime and great support.

PressHarbor Support has been consistently able to quickly answer all of my questions and concerns with professionalism but also a personal touch that makes me feel part of the PressHarbor family.

My Pink Flamingo Blog has been a client of Press Harbor for nearly 11 years. During that time I think I may have experienced about that many minutes of down time. So many people I know constantly complain about their hosting service, but I have a tendency to brag about mine. I suspect my hosting service might want to complain about me once in awhile, and the mess I might make for John to figure out how to undue. Their customer service is amazing. I wish every business took their customer service and relationships with their clients as seriously as does Press Harbor. I can’t imagine anyone using any other service.

I’ve been with PressHarbor for something like ten years providing information through the life of several startups and personal stuff. During that time, the occasional query or technical challenge has been dealt with quickly and with a personal touch I know would be missing from other providers. Most of the time, the issues I’ve had have been my mistakes but the John and the team have got things going again quickly with humour and good grace. Having developed multiple startups to exit, I have enough problems without having to worry about sites, updates etc. I recommend very few things but John and the team are just great and others I have suggested the company to agree.

Richard Jones

I’ve been with PressHarbor for over 10 years and that is no coincidence. John is always attentive and creative in finding solutions to any issues which arise. This has been extremely important to me as my website has grown over the years. I highly recommend PressHarbor to anyone!

PressHarbor is the best option for small businesses wanting to scale up. The server grid’s bandwidth can handle viral spikes as well as heavy daily traffic. The fees are a steal, especially compared to other more commercial hosts who spend all their money on SuperBowl ads and email spamming. I’ve never once been sent an unsolicited email by PressHarbor. The privately-owned hosting service is run by a real coder who understands bloggers. Bloggers don’t want spam; we want to publish. PressHarbor gets out of our way and lets us do just that. If you are looking for a WordPress host with a great record of uptime, excellent support and scalable goodness, check out my loyal and awesome host PressHarbor.

I started my first ever blog on BlogHarbor in June 2004. From day 1, I have been amazed by John’s passion for customer service. As someone working in IT services sector I have been inspired by John to do my job better. Later when we decided to migrate to WordPress in 2007, John and team made the transition a painless affair. It is more than 12 years since I started working with John and his wonderful team and they are giving the same impeccable service till date. It is an honor and pleasure to work with such an outstanding team.

The frantic pace of developing and maintaining a WordPress site can be like a high-stakes Grand Prix. Every developer (like every racer), no matter how skilled, is only as good as his pit crew. I’ve been proud to race with PressHarbor as my ultimate go-to Pit Crew for dozens of clients over the last decade. Their support is excellent.

Matthew Fessenden

Faith and Fear in Flushing – the insane Mets blog I co-write with Greg Prince – has been around for 11 years. Our host, PressHarbor, has been around even longer than that – we’ve grown up together, essentially. Writing is hard enough without worrying about web infrastructure and all the behind-the-scenes technological stuff. Fortunately, PressHarbor and its founder, John Keegan, make all that easy, giving customers like us a robust and powerful platform, speedy support when we need it, and excellent advice. We couldn’t imagine being in better hands, or having a better home.

…. It’s aces. The cost is right. The service is unbeatable. I have other properties on the web. If I’m working with WordPress, this is the only place I go. And not just for the volume discount when I signed on. PH has been unfailingly loyal and supportive. My downtime is virtually nil. When a rogue plug-in tanked my site, they were right on it, helping me dx and undo the error. When WordPress has a new version, they test-fit it to make sure our sites will stay up, and then update us. Except me, because I pretty much ignore the best practices and just update ASAP like a kid on Christmas morning. PH never chastises me for my impatience. So thanks, PH. For the memories. The space to indulge my inner weirdo. The bandwidth to do that voodoo that I do. I’m excited to see the upgrades/updates/free kittens you have in store for us old timers and the next generation. Read more at

In 2011 we discovered that the Blogware platform that we had built our client’s site on was being closed down. We panicked! Our client Lemn Sissay, a popular and respected poet, had already built a large blog site over many years and did not want to lose the following he had already built up. An internet search brought us to PressHarbor. I contacted them and they did what no-one else was prepared to do. They exported years of Lemn’s blog without losing anything. They have hosted the blog ever since. What really impresses me with PressHarbor is their personal touch. We have had a few problems over the years, caused by Lemn’s refusal to do what I tell him and keep his plugins up to date. Poets eh! Nothing has been too much trouble and they have quickly got the site back up and running, when this clearly was outside their remit. I can’t recommend PressHarbor highly enough.

Liz and Tony Kizko