WordPress 2.5 Upgrade Complete

All PressHarbor weblogs have been upgraded to WordPress 2.5. To be more precise, your blogs have been upgraded to a pre-release version of WordPress 2.5.2, so our current version is somewhat more recent than the most recently released official version, which was WordPress 2.5.1, a bug-fix release to the major 2.5 upgrade.
For more information about these updates, please see the release announcements:

WordPress 2.5.x introduces some major changes from previous versions. Most notably, the control panel has been completely redesigned. Some links which may help you transition to the new version:

We hope you enjoy blogging with this fantastic upgrade to WordPress. If you experience any issues that you suspect are related to this upgrade, please submit a support ticket.
Thank you for your support of our PressHarbor Service!

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