Site Migrations Update 2018-11-29

We’ve been able to successfully migrate all of our active customers to our new hosting platform. There are a few new features and some small changes we would like to make you aware of.

Free SSL Certificates
First, all websites are now capable of operating under SSL (HTTPS) for greater security. As Google is beginning to favor SSL-enabled websites in its search results, it’s becoming more prevalent for sites to serve content over HTTPS. Our platform allows you to provision a free SSL certificate, which formerly could cost over $100. We will be happy to help you enable SSL and switch your website to HTTPS; please just open a ticket we will be glad to make this change for you.

LiteSpeed Cache
Also some of you may have noticed that there is a new plugin in your blog, the LiteSpeed Cache plug-in (we’ve removed any other caching plugins, they are no longer necessary). Our servers now use the most recent version of LiteSpeed Web Server, a powerful commercial web server. LiteSpeed accelerates your site and allows it to serve content faster and more securely than the standard Apache Web server. The LiteSpeed Cache plugin in WordPress integrates tightly with the LiteSpeed Web server and allows your site to scale to serve many more more visitors than other web server solutions.

Most of you will be happy with the settings we configured for LiteSpeed Cache. However, if you are experiencing any difficulties please open a ticket and will be glad to fine tune the settings for your specific needs. For sites that use a Mobile theme, we may need to enable certain settings, so please open a support ticket if you have any questions or concerns about your LiteSpeed Cache.

Disk Space
We’ve doubled the amount of storage available in each plan. Enjoy.

Disk SpaceOriginalNew
Bronze1 GB2 GB
Silver2 GB5 GB
Gold5 GB10 GB

One change it is also important to note is that our servers now use the CloudLinux operating system. CloudLinux allows us to control more tightly how many resources each account uses and ensures that it is never possible for any one site take all the resources away from any other site, which is typically a common criticism.

Every site is now guaranteed a certain number of CPU cores of processing power:

 CPU Cores

We’re essentially providing you with the ease and simplicity of a shared hosting plan, but with the scalability and reliability of a full-blown VPS server.

For most of our customers there will be no change in your site performance; in fact your site performance will increase due to the more modern hardware powering your site. However for a very small number of users who have highly-trafficked sites, please contact us if you’re seeing any slow down in the performance of your site and we we will work you to transition your site to a plan offering more CPU resources to power your site.

Coming soon is the ability to pool your sites, and purchase a pool of resources (CPU, disk space) and distribute them across multiple sites. If you’re currently hosting multiple sites with us or would like to add additional WordPress sites to your portfolio, we’d love to to start putting some of you into these “pool plans” so please feel free to reach out if this is of interest.

Please submit a support ticket if you have any questions about your site migration.

Thank you for your continued support of our PressHarbor service; we’re really excited about these developments and for more to come in 2019!

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