Site Migrations 2018-11-01

Thank you for your patience, at last we are ready to begin migrations of all accounts to our new hosting platform.

Our new platform will continue to be based on Plesk, so all of your existing accounts and passwords will migrate as-is, but this newer version of Plesk and the underlying hardware, software, and infrastructure updates will offer:

  • increased security
  • improved and guaranteed performance
  • free SSL certificate via Let’s Encrypt
  • more current versions of PHP

There’s more to come, especially for those of you with multiple sites, but the first phase will be to migrate all sites to the new platform by the end of November.

Your domain name registration
If your domain name is not registered with us at either PressHarbor or Rackshare, you WILL need to make changes at your registrar or DNS service, so now would be a great time to ensure that you have login information handy and are prepared to make changes via the service through which you registered your domain (or manage your DNS).

What do I need to do
We expect to begin migrations Saturday November 3, migrating the larger, more highly trafficked sites first. We will send you an email notice prior to migrating your site.

If you can provide us with a 24-72 hour window to migrate your site, preferably several of them, we will do our best to honor your request. Longer windows are even better. So if you know you won’t be creating content on your site for a few days, let us know when that will be and we will try to migrate you site during that timeframe.

We will make every effort to migrate your site during your preferred window, but the earlier you reach out to us the better. As we wind down to the end of November, we expect to have less opportunity to manage to your preferences and will need to perform the migrations at our convenience.

Please submit a support ticket:

and share with us your preferences and best windows and we will do our best to honor them. Please make a note in your ticket if you are using any email accounts or webmail on your site so that we can plan accordingly.

Will there be downtime?
No, we don’t expect your site will become unavailable at any time. By providing us with a window where you do not expect to create new content, we will be able to perform the migration and DNS changes during this window to ensure your site remains available to the public at all times.

Thank you
Thank you for your continued support of our PressHarbor service, we’re really excited about the next phase of our service and thank you for joining us on this journey!

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