WordPress 2.5 Upgrade Plans

WordPress recently issued a major upgrade. We ask that you do nothing at this time (despite what the control panel may be telling you!), we will upgrade all PressHarbor sites simultaneously when our compatibility testing is complete and we are confident that any major bugs with the newest WordPress have been squashed. We do not have any estimate at this time as to when we will make the upgrade but will keep you informed.

PressHarbor Blogs Upgraded to WordPress 2.3.3

All PressHarbor Blogs have been updated to WordPress 2.3.3, a security update to the WordPress 2.3 software.
As noted on the WordPress Dev Blog, now would be a good time to update your password. Changing your password frequently is a good security practice. Always use strong passwords. What is a strong password? Check out Microsoft’s Strong passwords: How to create and use them, it’s a good primer on password security.

WordPress 2.3? You're Soaking In It!

WordPress 2.3 has been released, and there is much rejoicing! PressHarbor users have no need to upgrade to WordPress 2.3 – you’re soaking in it! (thanks Madge!)
All PressHarbor blogs have been running the pre-release version of WordPress 2.3 until tonight, and we’ve just upgraded all blogs to the release version¬† of 2.3.
Please enjoy blogging with this new release!

PressHarbor Users Not Affected by Recent WordPress Security Issues

A security release for the 2.2 series of WordPress was recently announced.
At PressHarbor, your site will automatically receive WordPress security updates and your version of WordPress is not affected by any of the issues in this release.
For your information, you are currently hosted on the 2.3 series of WordPress; our service has been running this series since July 2007. When the 2.3 version of WordPress is released later this month, we will continue to follow this branch and maintain regular updates to your site along the 2.3 branch.

PressHarbor Sneak Preview Now Available

We’ve had many inquiries about when PressHarbor would become available, and we know that many of you just can’t wait to get your hands on a shiny new WordPress weblog powered by folks you trust.

While we don’t have the website completely finished, not by a longshot, tonight we’re making the PressHarbor Sneak Preview publicly available.

It all works, but it’s just not as pretty as we’d like it to be. So while we’re cleaning up the site, adding content, and enhancing our support resources, please feel free to come on in and join us. Our servers are all ready to go, and eager to host your new WordPress site.

Come on in, the water’s warm and the sun is shining at PressHarbor.