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Migrate Your Blog to PressHarbor From Blogware

The Blogware blogging platform was a pioneering hosted content management system introduced by Tucows in 2003. Many thousands of users created blogs through innovative services offered by Tucows partners, including our own BlogHarbor service. Tucows recently announced that Blogware will soon be shut down and all Blogware blogs and content will be deleted on March 31, 2012.

We launched PressHarbor on July 4, 2007 to provide our Blogware customers looking to move to “self-hosting” on the up and coming WordPress platform with the ease,  simplicity, and peace of mind of our managed service. We’ve migrated many Blogware sites to PressHarbor over the past four years and have developed numerous techniques and custom tools to ensure the smoothest migration possible. Because of our extensive experience we are confident we can offer you the best, most complete migration of your Blogware site to WordPress.

Our Blogware Migration Service is now offered for a one-time, non-refundable Setup Fee of $99. While the Setup Fee is non-refundable due to the extensive time and effort required to perform your site migration, if you are not 100% satisfied with our service you may cancel at any time.

PressHarbor Web Hosting Features

The Details
One time non-refundable
$99.00 $99.00 $99.00
MONTHLY PRICE $10.95 $17.95 $24.95
Includes Free Domain Name!
Includes Free Domain Name!
Includes Free Domain Name!
Monthly Bandwidth 50 GB 100 GB 250 GB
Disk Space 1 GB 2 GB 5 GB
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WordPress Pre-Installed YES YES YES
WordPress Updated Automatically YES YES YES
General Features
MySQL Databases 10 25 100
phpMyAdmin YES YES YES
Usage of .htaccess YES YES YES
Plesk Control Panel YES YES YES
Log Files/Site Stats YES YES YES
Addon Domains (Domain Aliases) YES YES YES
Customizable Error Pages YES YES YES
Email Accounts 25 100 250
Email Aliases YES YES YES
Spam Filtering YES YES YES
Mailing Lists YES YES YES
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Read on to learn more details about the Blogware Migration process.

Blogware Migration Service FAQs

What content can be migrated from Blogware to PressHarbor?

  • All Articles from your Blogware blog can be migrated to your WordPress blog at PressHarbor.
  • Photos in Photo Albums are migrated. Photo Albums become Categories of your WordPress blog .
  • Comments can also be migrated. However, a bug in the Blogware export file causes the author information for a comment to not be retained. So all the comments when imported into WordPress are attributed to “Anonymous”. The problem is with the Blogware export file unfortunately so this issue would happen whether you move your Blogware site to PressHarbor or any other hosting service. Therefore, you can request, and in fact we suggest, that we do not migrate comments from your Blogware blog to your new WordPress-based blog at PressHarbor.
  • URL Redirection – If you are currently hosting on your own domain name, or your current provider can point your existing blog address at your new PressHarbor-based domain, we will be able to redirect your original Blogware URLs to your new WordPress URLs so not only will all your old links continue to work, but you will main your current Google ranking.
  • All files uploaded to your blog’s File Manager will be migrated. So if you have uploaded images to accompany your blog articles for example, we’ll move those images to your new PressHarbor account.

What will not be migrated?

  • The layout or Color Scheme for your blog will not be preserved. The WordPress Theme format is completely different from the Blogware Color Scheme format, so you will have to choose a new look for your blog. The good news is that in WordPress there are thousands of free themes available at the WordPress Themes Directory, or you can create your own custom theme.
  • Sidebar components are not migrated. If you have created any custom components for your blog sidebar, you would need to recreate them on your new WordPress blog using WordPress’ Widgets feature. Neither custom components nor Favorites components are migrated.
  • Attachments are not migrated unfortunately as they are not exposed by the Blogware migration tools. If you have added attachments to your articles, they will not be migrated to your new account.
  • Trackbacks are not migrated.
  • Blog Settings are not migrated. Since the Blogware system and WordPress system are so different, it is not possible to take any of the settings for your BlogHarbor blog and simply migrate them to your new WordPress blog. Please check out this excellent guide to WordPress Administration Settings for information on configuring the Settings of your new WordPress blog.
  • Web Pages are not migrated. If you have any Web Pages, a special type of post which is not dated, you will need to re-create them using the analogous Pages feature in WordPress.
  • Permissions are not migrated. Category settings and permissions work very differently in WordPress, and we are unable to apply any of the permissions in your Blogware blog to your WordPress-based PressHarbor account.
  • User accounts are not migrated. So if you have users with permissions to your current Blog, those user accounts will not exist on the new WordPress site. You will need to reconfigure your site using the WordPress Roles and Capabilities framework.

Can I use my current blog address?

You’ll need your own domain name to blog at PressHarbor. If you don’t already have your own domain name, we’re offering a free domain name with all annual subscriptions.

I want to migrate my Blogware site to to PressHarbor. What should I do?

First step would be to place your order from one of the Order Now links above. You will be asked to create an Account with us along the way, you’ll use this account to register domains, order and manage hosting, and to submit support tickets. Once you have placed your order, create a Support Ticket and provide us with the following information:

  • your current Blogware URL
  • your Blogware provider
  • your Blogware Username and Password
  • where your current domain name (if you have one) is registered
  • anything else you want us to know about your preferences on moving your site

We will work with you to gather any additional information required and will advise on a timetable for performing the content migration. Once we have completed the content migration, we’ll let you know how to preview your site prior to making any DNS changes, and once you are ready to commit to the move, we’ll provide instructions on making the DNS changes which will allow the Internet to see your site at its new location.

I have more questions about migrating. Where can I ask them?

Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions you have about migrating your Blogware blog.